handle System errors thrown by Vaadin


There are four types of System errors in Vaadin :

  1. Session expired
  2. Communication error
  3. Internal error
  4. Out of sync

It is fine with me that vaadin is throwing above errors but sometimes I am not able to debug the reason for error(in case of Internal error and Out of Sync error). So I want to handle the error and atleast provide the user a quick fix by saving entire user’s unsaved data. I am not able to find a handle for those errors right now. Can anyone suggest how to start on it?

Thanks in advance.

Some of those can be caught with overriding the Application.terminalError() method (in V6) or adding an ErrorHandler with UI.getSession.setErrorHandler() (Vaadin 7), but not all. For those, you might need to override the error handling in the Vaadin servlet itself; I’m not familiar with those, so can’t help you further.