Handle /override json like as in Angular

I have json on the /user page and I don’t want to change it in spring boot, only “handle/overwrite” this json something like in Angular
How to do it in vaadin?

maybe try use RestTemplate and some function in Vaadin ?

Vaadin Flow is a server side framework, the service you call in your /user endpoint can be used directly in the Vaadin view. Using RestTemplate to access your own endpoint doesn’t make sense with Vaadin

so how can i call view from vaadin and not pure json from endpoit from spring in the same endpoit

I don’t understand your question

Endpoint in spring boot controller returns json, i want to do view using Vaadin on same endpoint, how to do

It’s not possible and you don’t need the Endpoint with Vaadin Flow because the code that’s creates the Endpoint can be directly consumed inside a Vaadin Flow View. If you have the requirement to also publish the rest endpoint, you have to extract the logic returning the user in a service and call it in both places, endpoint and view. And either make sure Vaadin context begins below e.g. /ui or your API to /api

yes, I have the logic on the website done and the json in the Controller (Spring boot) and now how can I make a view (I wrote about it earlier as an endpoint)? Just fetch this data from the repository?

Jeśli będę pobierać dane z repozytorium, nie wykorzystam Controllerów, ale rozumiem, że taki jest zamysł

for example api/user is Controller from spring boot
/user is View from Vaadin ?

You can direct inject that repository in your view and are good to go :slightly_smiling_face:

Using those URLs would work