Handle event with information from TemplateRenderer in a grid


I am developing an application where I have a grid, and I have added a column that contains a TemplateRenderer. The template would be something like this …

class OrderItems extends PolymerElement {
    static get template() {
        return html`
			<template is="dom-repeat" items="[[orderItems.orderItemsList]
              <div iditem="[[item.id]
]" on-click="handleClickOrderItem">
    static get is() { return 'order-items' }
customElements.define(OrderItems.is, OrderItems);

…a java class…

public class Order {
    public static TemplateRenderer<OrderDto> getTemplate() {
        return TemplateRenderer.of(
              + "  order-items-list='[[item.orderItems]
    private OrderDto orderdto
    private List<OrderItem> orderItemsList;

    public static Order create(OrderDto dto) {
        return new Order(dto);

    public Order(OrderDto dto){
        orderdto = dto;
    public List<OrderItem> getOrderItemsList(){
        return orderItemsList;


                .withProperty("orderItems", Order::create)
                .withEventHandler("handleClickOrderItem", ....));

… how can I know what item, created inside the “dom-repeat”, that generates the click event?

Best regards, HLicea