Handle clicks on table rows


Last question this weekend :wink:

How do I handle events in general? I think its quite confusing that some events are defined in Property, some in Table, some in Button… their names start differently all the time, so its hard to find the right one…

Did not find a event based section in the “book” either, which shows all the available events and their relations… always space for improvement :wink:

I want to catch a mouse click on a table cell, and detect the mouse button that has been clicked with, and the table-row and the table-cell.

Any ideas/tips on how to achieve that?

I further want to show a right-click pop-up menu… Is there something that I can use in the Vaadin lib, or do I have to implement such a component by myself?

If I have to do that self, what general guidline/recommendation do you have, shall my basic container be a Panel or a “Layout”? Its not that easy to know such things…


Hi, really late answer but for the Table you can use ItemClickListener which is able to tell which button was clicked. For right click context menu in Table or Tree, you can use Actions and ActionHandler. For right click ContextMenu from layout for example, you can use the ContextMenu addon at:
Directory - ContextMenu