GWT module 'com.vaadin.demo.gwt.OptimizedWidgetSet' may need to b

I think I somehow hosed my demo application. Everything was going great when the debugger stopped like it said it would on page 32 of the green Book of Vaadin (Section 2.3.4 Debugging he Demo Application, Step 7). Being curious, I continued to use F6 to keep stepping though everything. I finally used F8. Then I got a Javascript alert box that says:
GWT module ‘com.vaadin.demo.gwt.OptimizedWidgetSet’ may need to be (re)compiled.
If I click OK, the spinning wheel stays there forever.

Now every time I try to use the Calc application, in run mode or otherwise, I have this problem. I even tried cleaning the project and re-booting the machine. But I still have the problem. Thanks for your advice.

Have you tried to recompile the widgetset using the button in Eclipse (assuming you are using Eclipse)? Haven’t seen this message myself so I’m not exactly sure in what circumstances it appears.

Sorry I ended up re-installing ecplise and I am back to where I was before, getting the same problem.

Yes, thank you. I have tried that by Navigating to the project in my workspace:
vaadin-examples >> Webcontent/WEB-INF/src >> com.vaadin.demo.gwt >> OptimizedWidgetSet.gwt.xml and clicking once on the OptimizedWidgetSet.gwt.xml file and cliking the “Compile Vaadin Widgets Ctrl+6 )” button up in the tool bar several different times with no response. Still the same problem, even after stopping the servers, clicking it again, restarting servers, etc.

However, I was able to finally get past the problem and use the Calc application by following the exact same steps discussed on p. 30 (2nd part of Section 2.3.3, following steps 1-5). Any other way I use it, like by starting the server using the first part of Section 2.3.3 Steps 1-3 on p 27, or by simply using the startup script from the command prompt without eclipse even running, then I still see the problem.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for any advice.

I was able to narrow down the problem a bit. I unzipped the downloaded file into a separate temporary directory. I replaced the WebContent\VAADIN\wigetsets\com.vaadin.demo.gwt.OptimizedWidgetSet folder with the corresponding one from the temporary directory and the problem has now gone away.

So it seems that when running in debug mode and leaving a breakpoint on, it causes something in this directory to get saved in a non-standard state.

I hope this helps.

Now I cannot reproduce the problem at all.

After trying several times to perform the breakpoint/debugging related steps on p. 32 (the last part of Section 2.3.4), I now suspect that what happened was that when I orginally tried it, I was actually starting the server in debug mode using the steps on p.30 in the last part of Section 2.3.3, instead of those on p. 32, thus causing the corruption in the previously mentioned folder. Now I know breakpoints should only be used with when starting the server using the steps on p. 32. Problem solved.