GWT.create Conference 2013

Will there be any meetups on or around the coming GWT.create Conference December 12-13 in San Francisco?

Would like to meet the Vaadin development team and express our appreciation.

Is there another thread where this type of discussion already exists? Or more appropriate location?


Thanks John.

We have not set anything in stone yet, but we could probably have some kind of an informal Vaadin user gathering event arranged on the day before the the conference in the sale venue.

That said - there is also a Vaadin meet-up coming up in 2 months in San Francisco as well during JavaOne/Oracle Open World. This will be announced shortly (we got confirmation for the venue today).

  • Joonas

Great! Please consider the day-before option. Not sure I’ll be able to make the SF Meetup prior…

Also, how many Vaadin developers (et al) coming to GWT.create?

Looking forward to the Aug 15 schedule/agenda!

Hoping to discover how other teams are developing modular Vaadin applications…i.e. developing different portions of an application in isolation and then integrating (a la carte) at runtime.

Many thanks to the Vaadin team (and you Joonas) for creating Vaadin!

Noticed the GWT.create Conference
tracks and themes
have been published.

I am looking forward to the

Turducken – A method to ‘divide-and-conquer’ large GWT apps with multiple teams

Finding patterns for developing Vaadin applications in teams (and modules) is very important. Not sure if there are other talks/workshops scheduled during the conference, but if there are I would sure like to see them.

Day 1: Room 1 - 11:00–12:00 am

Complex GWT apps can involve multiple teams with different release cycles. Compile times can quickly become prohibitive when your codebase grows into millions of lines.
“Turducken” is a technique to combine multiple GWT apps that can be built and released by separate teams while providing a seamless, snappy user experience.

It would be great to see some front-end testing talks, or BOF. Selenium / Vaadin TestBench / other?

How are people in the GWT community generally testing their applications?

can someone tell me who made the website? and with what? frameworks, etc.?
i mean, the website is so impressive for me… really awesome. ofcourse beside of the cool programm and speakers :slight_smile: