GWT Compiler is not detecting my widget to compile


I’m trying to implement my first custom widget.

I have a working Vaadin application and am using widgets from addon projects successfully.

So I have created a simple widget using the wizard. But the problem is that the GWT compiler is not detecting my widget and compiling it.

I’ve put the widget in the same folder as my application .gwt.xml file and the client implementation under the .client.ui package underneath.

I can’t seem to find a guideline of how to get it to detect my widget and compile it??

The widget was the simple one created with the wizard.

The vaadin editor shows my widget fine.

Thanks, Ryan

Ok, so some more information.

I was using an ant build script to do it.

I’ve now started using the vaadin widgetset compile option and it works.

I ended up getting my script to detect the widget, but then it couldn’t find the client implementatoin.

I’m guessing some kind of classpath issues?

Any pointers would be appreciated, I would like to get the build script going again.

Ok, I got it working. Looks like it is just really fussy with classpath, and needed source in the class path and bin and resources and in the correct order. CRAZYYYYYY

For future reference, there is a sample ant script for building the widgetset available
. The script is pointed to from the
book of Vaadin