GSoC 2011 participation ?


I want to ask if Vaadin team considers to participate in GSoC (Google Summer of Code) 2011. I participated last year and I want to participate again, but I want to change project and Vaadin seems like nice project.

I do not know Vaadin at all, but I want to learn it, I have quite huge experience with GWT and good knowledge of Java and related technologies.

What kind of projects can you imagine? Will it be able to imagine something like Vaadin + Android, or other projects?

Martin Skurla

Thanks for the heads up.We considered this couple of months ago, but decided to skip it this year. The question is mainly if we could find enough people (with time) to mentor in the program.

I am not sure why you are talking about more people. In GSoC every student has exactly one mentor, but there could be more behind the scenes.

Anyway, that’s a pitty that Vaadin will not at least try to participate, because every year there are many new projects involved, not just the same ones. Last year I was working on Gephi, which was new to GSoC too, and there was 5 student with the same mentor, and he was great.

Do you organize some kind of codecamps, or projects not related to GSoC where anybody can participate and work on its own project?