GridRows drag and drop between columns .

I’m trying to write a generic method to be responsible for dragging a row from one column in the grid and drop it to other column in the grid. Is that possible because i tried a couple of different ways but without success?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve. You want to drag a row in a column? or a cell to another cell?
DO you have a lot of data in your grid?


i want to move the asdsda data from Name to Creator Name

under or above the Admin, and my Name column will be empty and Creator Name will have Admin and asffs in it

with drag and drop

something like in Github Projects where you can drag and drop tasks from TODO to "In progress "

But in the github projects it’s not rows but multiple columns with unrelated data

Yea probably i don’t spell it right but in our project Name is a column and the row is asdsd

I’m curious because i saw there is a method grid.setColumnReorderingAllowed(true);
which moves the columns , i have a generic method to move the rows and reorder them in the same column

but i want to implement and method to move data from one column (Name) to another (creator Name)

There is nothing in the grid to move data from one cell in one column to another cell in another column.

so i cant implement my own generic ?

If you want to reproduce something like github project you can use this addon: (the demo is here:

You can do some drag and drop between component in each cell, but you will probably have a lot of issues

(here is the addon: sortable-layout - Vaadin Add-on Directory and source code)

Thank you i will check it !