GridPro: Best practice for Enum Values in editable column

I have a GridPro with one column containing an enum-value.
The code below creates the column when opening the editor, it shows language-specific labels for the enum-constants.
But when not in edit mode, the column shows the name of the enum constant.

How can i specify the label to display in non-edit mode.
Of course I could change the column type to String, but is this the intended way how to solve this? I doubt.

		t -> getTranslation(t.getLanguageKey()))

Dear Christoff,

You can use [this]
( overload of the addEditColumn method and provide Renderer for custom visual representation of the content when cell is not in edit mode.

An example of Renderer would be:

ComponentRenderer<Span, Person> enumRenderer =
    new ComponentRenderer<>(person -> {
        if (person.getType() != null) {
            return new Span(person.getType().toString());
        } else {
            return new Span("");

Works perfectly, thank you very much.