GridLayout in Grid detail row not correctly computed/display

Hello all!

I’ve added a detail row based on the
wiki example
to my application. So far so good.

As I want to add some extra, nice formatted data I’ve added a GridLayout to the details row. But this row doesn’t get displayed correctly when

Steps to reproduce:

  • Add a GridLayout with two rows (filled with content) as a grid detail row.
  • Open a detail row by clicking on the row entry. Content is scrambled (see GridLayoutScrambled.png).
  • Click on another row entry. The first detail row is now partly correctly visible without correct height (see GridLayoutPartlyScrambled.png).

Tested with Vaadin 7.5.3 in Safari and Chrome.

– René

Hello, I also try to use Grid row details. I just add several Label in a VerticalLayout to define the content of the details. Same problem as René. The row details height seems to be stucked on 50px and doesn’t adapt to its content.

Is this a bug or is theere a way to get it adapted ?

Tested with Vaadin 7.5.5 in Chrome and Safari (last versions)

There are some known issues how layout manager is used in details generator. For example this one

Fixing that may help your issues too.

I raised a ticket for that already here:

Meanwhile I’m using a FormLayout (as in the “Git example”). Works fine.


This bug is on Firefox too.

Do you know a work-around to force the refresh?