GridLayout and Alignment

I am creating the following GridLayout and trying to align to the Right.

public OrdersView() {
GridLayout order = new GridLayout(2, 3);
order.setWidth("100%"); //Add BillTo and ShipTo
CustomerInfo billTo = new CustomerInfo(false);
CustomerInfo shipTo = new CustomerInfo(true);
order.addComponent(billTo.createLayout(), 0, 0);
order.addComponent(shipTo.createLayout(), 1, 0);
order.addComponent(itemGrid(), 0, 1, 1, 1);
order.addComponent(addNotes(), 0, 2);
FormLayout totalLayout = totals();
order.addComponent(totalLayout, 1, 2);
order.setComponentAlignment(totalLayout, Alignment.MIDDLE_RIGHT);

This is not changing the alignment. Am I missing something?


Thanks in advanced!

Which version of framework you are using?

I checked our bug tracker history, and saw that this kind of issues have been reported in the past and also fixed, e.g.
, of course it could be possible that some regression has been re-emerged.