Grid with multiple editors per column

Hi there,

I have a grid that displays numbers in a column - so far so good. Now there are numbers that can be freely edited - but in the same column there are numbers that are bound to a specific set of numbers, i.e. these numbers I would like to edit using a combobox.

Is there a way to achieve this?

any help is appreciated


Yes, it is possible. You can bind your custom FieldGroup to a grid that allows you to define different field types even though the data type is the same.

FieldGroup fieldGroup = new FieldGroup();
fieldGroup.bind(new TextField(), "integerValueA");
fieldGroup.bind(new ComboBox(), "someOtherInteger");

Hi there,

thanks for your answer, but as I see correctly the fieldGroup binds different Components to different propertyIds. What I want to achieve is to bind a specific component that depends “on the state” of the property, for example:

if the property X is a number → TextField
it the property X is bound to some values → ComboBox.

My problem is, that it is always the same property.



I don’t think there is an elegant solution. Workaround could be to create your own CustomField that changes its content based on the value.