Grid with Expanded Details issues in 8.1.3 and 8.1.4


if a grid has rows with expanded details that have various heights and then filtering is applied the details get rendered with incorrect height. This works fine up until 8.1.2 and got broken in 8.1.3 and is not fixed in 8.1.4.

See attachments.

Also on a separate note, when we stumble upon bugs like that is the forum the best place to post them or you 'd rather have then on github or something?


In version 8.1.3 a fix has been introduced concerning various aspects of details generator sizing. What you see, might be either a regression or you may have had some workaround of older issues, that should be stripped away.

I am aware of that and the fact is that 8.1.3 may fixed some thing but broke this one.

No workaround for older issues this is a newly built app and it just broke with 8.1.3. Just a vertical layout with some labels in it.