Grid with buttons

Hi everybody,

I upgraded my application from 7.1.6 to 7.4.4. To use the new grid-component.

I have mutilple tables with buttons inside. In 7.1.6 I did the following:

container.addContainerProperty( "Button", Button.class, "");

Button button = new Button();
button.setData( someData);
button.setStyleName( "link");
button.setEnabled( !someVariable);

button.addClickListener( new ClickListener() {

    public void buttonClick( ClickEvent event) {
        Data data = (Data) event.getButton().getData();


table.getContainerProperty( item, "Button").setValue( button);

In 7.4.4 with the new grid I was only able create a button inside a cell using the new renderer.

table.addColumn( Button, String.class).setRenderer( new ButtonRenderer()); How can I control the style of the button (I want it to appear as a link) and if it’s enabled or disabled using the new grid-component?