Grid width and description

Hi all,

I started playing with Grid today and would like to ask some questions.

First, when width of Grid is set to undefined, in my case the resulting width on the screen is maximum 500px no matter how displayed data looks like. My guess was to set max width of the Grid, but there is no such method for the main component itself. Is there any help?

Second, it is nice that text-overflow is finally set to ellipsis as default for table cells, but I really can’t find a way how to display the full text of a cell if it is cut. Column resizing by dragging is not supported and it looks like neither is the option of setting item description listener that is supported by Table. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help


for your second issue there is currently no way to solve it with Grid features. You could try my tooltips addon from!addon/tabletooltips
. Should be enough to just add it to your project and recompile your widgetset. Any feedback is welcome!