Grid: Weird behaviour in firefox


I am getting some weird behaviour in firefox 38.0 and thought that maybe someone could advice me on this (I am a complete newbie to vaadin, so please be patient with me…)

I am using the the Grid component in Vaadin 7.4.5 to show a List of DataObjects that have 3 fields: id, stringA and stringB, I want to show the fields stringA and stringB in the UI. I use a BeanItemContainer for handling the data in the Grid. So when I load the View with the grid I give the BeanItemContainer a List of objects with the data. Like this:

BeanItemContainer<DataObject> container = new BeanItemContainer<>(DataObject.class);
Grid grid = new Grid(DataObject.class);

Then I have a “Add new” button that basically just adds a new row to the grid by doing:

DataObject newData = new DataObject();

Before the row then can be inline edited and saved through a FieldGroup component. This works very well in Chrome and Internet Explorer. But in firefox, when I push the “Add new” button I get is 2 rows with stringA field with “empty” above and empty row which has the width of field stringB below. And the second column is only showing the header…All the rows with data with stringB are gone from the view, even the line separators are gone.

If I then doubleclick on the new row to edit it with the FieldGroup component, then everything goes back to normal…

What can I do to make this look normal on Firefox?

Best regards

Hi, Jani, it seems like a bug in Grid. I’ve created a ticket, hopefully our framework team will fix it soon.

I also noticed that Grid displays a horizontal scroll bar where one is not needed only in Firefox.

A screenshot is attached.


Thank you, please notice that this is only reproducable when there are 2 visible columns.

I looked at the bug in the Trac and saaw that Artur couldn’t reproduce it… Since I couldn’t comment the Trac issue, i’ll do a comment here and maybe you guys can give it to him.

The DataObject in my example is not a Bean or such. It is just a Pojo with 3 fields of which 2 fields are shown as visible columns in the grid. If we show all 3 fields as columns, then we do not have this problem.

Hi, Jani, I’ve sent all this infomration to Artur. I must admit that the bug appears in some weird circumstances.

Thank you Dmitrii! Isn’t it wonderful that we users can give you the most weird cases to look at… otherwise you might get bored :stuck_out_tongue: