Grid ,Vaadin 7

Hi Vaadin 7.6.5,

    1. After deleting any row ,grid is not refreshig. that deleted item is still In-Memory. how to fix it.
    2. When I add new row in grid it should display empty full row but I am getting ID as 0 in ID Column. 
    3. grid.getEditor().addCancelListener() when I am updating any row its working fine,but when new row is added and I am not inserting any data to it, then I am clicking on cancel button , so at that time I want this empty grid shuold get remove from grid.
    4. How to do lazyloading in grid from backend.
    5. How to do pagination in given grid.
    6.How to add popup window in vaadin 7.6.5 using  window. 
    7. How to add radio Button in grid , for examle gender(M,F) or checkbox (M,F) or combobox (M,F)
I have Attached my Source Code ,please once have a look and please suggest me how to fix these issue. (4.35 KB) (7.48 KB) (2.21 KB)