Grid v8 - how to change Renderer on column?

Suppose I have (in v8):

Grid<Person> grid = new Grid(Person.class);

A property of Person is “name” and I would like to change/set the renderer for that column:

In v7 I would do:


What about v8 ?

The method addColumn in new Vaadin 8 Grid is overloaded with four altenatives. It is possible to give Renverer and ValueProvider as a parameter.

Sure, but the column is already there, as per my example. So calling
doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.

This is a known inconvenience in current API and discussion is ongoing improving it. So removeColumn → addColumn cycle is the best thing I can offer right now.

Thanks Tatu. I’ll await the decision before moving my add-on to Vaadin 8.