Grid + SQLContainer addColumn

I’m currently redesigning one of my Vaadin apps to use the latest Vaadin version. As a result i try to use some of the newer components/themes/…
While trying to convert my Tables with FreeformQueries to Grid with TableQueries I’m running into a few problems.
The currently biggest one being that i don’t see any way of adding Columns (like generated Columns when using Tables) to the grid as the SQLContainer doesn’t support dynamically adding Properties.
I already found a way to fix it in!/thread/9084203/9403617
but this solution requires creating a custom which is exactly what i was trying to avoid by using TableQueries instead of Freeformqueries.
Also seeing that it is possible using Table because it (I assume) stores the generated columns in the table rather than the container.

So my question is:
Is there any (easier) way of adding a column containing Buttons to the grid rather than writing a custom delagate?

Nevermind. It seems like using GeneratedPropertyContainer works perfectly fine with Grid and SQLContainer.