GRID select all or getAll

I moved successfully to a GRID component in my UI now but have a problem which I can not solve.
The GRID is used to add some data into the Table. But at the end I need the data in the same order as someone have selected it.

So if he is changing the order (which is possible) then I need all items from the list.

Any idea how I can access all data?
getSelectedItems only provides selected items, but not all.

Getting all in the same order is the important bit I need.

Any help is appriciated.

Thank you.

I found a way and thought its good to share in case someone else has the same problem:
I will try to hide the Checkbox column, but overall the solution can be used now.

//create the selection model
MultiSelectionModel selectionModel = (MultiSelectionModel<TestFiles>) documentList.setSelectionMode(SelectionMode.MULTI);	

//enable all first
//get the results
Set<TestFiles> files = documentList.getSelectedItems();
//unselect all again
	for (TestFiles d : files) {
		System.out.println("File: " + d.getName());