Grid scroll issue when browser is minimize and then maximize


Have this weird issue with the browser maximizing/minimizing explained in ticked #19189.
Any fixes for this?

“This problem occurs with all Grids.
To reproduce:
Include in your view, a Grid with multiple columns.
Shrink the width of the browser such that a scrollbar is visible for the Grid.
Move the scrollbar to the right.
Maximize the browser window.
At this point, the bug varies by browser:
The scroll position does not reset, so the contents on the left side of the grid are no longer visible. When shrinking the browser window again, you can correct it by scrolling all the way to the left before maximizing.
Chrome / Internet Explorer:
Shrink the window again, and you can no longer scroll while minimized.”

Noone else has this issue???
Its a “deal breaker” for the grid

Same issue with 7.7.0 release

Any help on this?

Any solutions please. Really need to fix this.