Grid row selection instead of cell

Hi, I have a Grid with SelectionMode SINGLE, it’s possible select entire row (visually) in instead of select single cell?
I have searched and tried without success.


Sounds like you have something odd your theme. With Grid SelectionMode.SINGLE definitely selects one row.

The visual cue of the selection is definied in CSS via “v-grid-row-selected” and there is another visual cue “v-grid-cell-focused”, which follows cell focus. By default the first one is accent background color and the later one is rectangle around the cell, which has the focus now. You could check with e.g. Chrome developer tools, that these do follow the celection and focus as they should. If not, then there something really odd.

I see that the problem exist when I add a selection listener, in the listener I move the application in other view and the grid doesn’t have the time to add the css class for select the entire row but only the clicked cell. If I remove the listener all working fine.
Unfortunately in this manner the user have the sensation that the operation under the click is about the cell instead of the row.