Grid row hover makes contents below a frozen column visible

I’m using a CSS class to highlight a hovered row of a grid in red. Now I’m encountering a problem, where contents which are hidden behind a frozen column after scrolling, still become visible on hover. Currently I can’t find an easy way to avoid it and the docs assistant only gives javascript solutions, which don’t really help. Is there a way to just exclude columns behind frozen ones in CSS or something like that? If not, this might be a helpful improvement for a future release.

I’m guessing you’re setting the background color of the cells on the hoeverd row to something semi-transparent like --lumo-contrast-10pct? If so, what’s happening is that you’ve made the the cell semi-transparent, so that stuff behind it is showing through.
The row itself has no background color, so the cell needs to have an opaque background.

Yes thank you! In the end it was that easy :smile: