Grid row height


How do I change the height of the rows of a Grid?
I’ve been able to kind of do it for normal rows, but I can’t get it right for the HeaderRows. If I make them bigger, then some rows are hidden under. Since all this is calculated by Vaadin I guess it’s not enough with CSS.


If I recall right, this is derived from Valo $v-unit-size is variable. But I think you have already tried that?

Grid is a complex component and it is modifying its styles on the fly in order to render itself. So modifying some css targets may render very odd results. You can get some idea about this when you check the WrappingGrid part of this add-on, which produces text wrapping headers with auto height adjustment.

Thank you for the suggestion of checking th eGridExtensionPack, I didn’t know about that addon, I will sure take a look at it.
I had already solved the issue by both changing the heght of the headerRow and the margin-top of the grid-body. It seems to work fine for now.