Grid Resizes after Filtering with empty results

I’ve implemented a Grid with a Filter.
When I filter for something that contains an empty result set, the grid resizes to half the page width.
The only way to revert if back is to refresh the page manually.
I would like it to have the same column width even after the filter returns an empty result set.

I’ve attached screenshots of what I am experiencing.

In the first image, all the columns are at the appropriate with.

I then filter out using the parameters “enrolled=true”. This will return an empty set.

When I go back to filter for “enrolled=false”, the column width are suddenly changed.


I am using the 7.4.6 release and have a similar issue. It only occurs when the total width of the grid is larger than the viewing area, ie: when it has a horizontal scrollbar. If the applied filter results in an empty set and then I remove the filter with clearFilter() the columns are redrawn to fit onto the page rather than the fitting the data. I have the grid inside a tabsheet and switching between tabs causes a redraw of the grid and fixes the issue. I am not applying any width settings to the columns and the grid is set with:


If I replace the container with setContainerDataSource with a new dataset, I see the same behaviour.