Grid - preformatted text in column

Hello Everyone! :slight_smile:

I encountered strange behaviour with Grid component. I wanted to display preformatted text in my Grid. I made BeanItemContainer holding my beans. In “Bean” class I made getter - getContent in which I returns Label with preformatted ContentMode:

Label area = new Label(); area.setValue(text); area.setContentMode(ContentMode.PREFORMATTED); area.setSizeFull(); return area; Unfortunately in my Grid this data is not correctly rendered. I tried HtmlRenderer and in getConten I return String

[code] goes content...

[/code]With this solution result is very suprising - please see attachment grid.png

On the other hand in Table Component there were no problems with rendering Label component - table.png.
Could anyone now how to present preformatted text in Grid? :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


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