Grid prebuffering in background

My Grid + DataProvider load only more items, when I scroll into the part of the table, where no data are displayed. So first I see an empty table and only after a short time (after fetching and the loading bar at the top) the table will be filled with data.

Is there the possibility in Vaadin Flow to let the grid pre-load more items in background, before entering this area, so that you don’t ever see an empty table?

Maybe fetching multiple times smaller amount of records. Maybe n times of the amount of items displayed on screen and doing that everytime the loading before is finished? For 4 or 5 times. Something like that.

Maybe it is initial, but somehow my grid doesn’t do that. And my coworkers don’t want to wait for loading, when they scoll.

There’s no built-in functionality like that. You can’t know where the scrolling ends up (it’s easy to scroll from the beginning to the end with the scroll bar), so you’d need to load all of the rows to never need to wait for the items to load.

Technically the grid preloads some rows but it can only do this in reasonable time if the Backend query is fast enough. If it is slow; the grid can’t help with it.

It is possible to configure to run the callbacks of the callback data provider in the background thread using grid.getDataCommunicator().enablePushUpdates(executor)