Grid: Overlapse when Sortorder and Hiddencolumns is set

I am having a strange display overlapse, when using both a SortOrder and hidden columns:

Here is my code:

List<String> hiddenColumns = Lists.newArrayList("alternativBezeichnung1", "alternativBezeichnung2"); hiddenColumns.forEach(propertyId -> { Grid.Column column = grid.getColumn(propertyId); if (column != null) { column.setHidable(true); column.setHidden(true); } }); grid.setColumnsHidden(hiddenColumns); List<SortOrder> sortOrder = Lists.newArrayList(); sortOrder.add(new SortOrder("bezeichnung", SortDirection.ASCENDING)); sortOrder.add(new SortOrder("rollenBezeichnung", SortDirection.ASCENDING)); grid.setSortOrder(sortOrder); Any Idea how to fix this?