Grid or Table (fw 7) onFilter event

I was looking and sadly not successful
is there any way to know when a filter has been applied to a container’s bound grid/table
like that i can update a total rows shown
Something like grid.addFilterListener (similar to the existing addSortListener) ??
Thank You very much

No, there is no such event, and probably there is no need even. Instead there is getContainerFilters() method which returns list of currently set filters. If there are filters, then you know they are being applied. Moreover size() and getItemIds() method return result after filtering. So if you store the size before any filters have been applied, you can later compare if size differs. That tells you that filters set to Container have filtered something. It maybe in some cases helpful to know that Filtering and Reordering will trigger ItemSetChangeEvent which you can observe with addItemSetChangeListener(…).

yes you right and i thank you very much for the thorough covering
i missed out the container.addItemSetChangeListener method
which gets triggered each time container items get changed
like that i can update the shown rows on the view

all thanks :slight_smile: