Grid not showing span

In new vaadin 24.1 my grid is not working correctly anymore.

This code used to work:

giftCardsGrid.addColumn(giftCard → new Span(giftCard.getGiftCardOption().getShortLabel())).setHeader(“Gift Card”);

Now i have to do this in order for it to work the same way. please fix:

giftCardsGrid.addColumn(createGiftCardTextComponentRenderer()).setHeader(“Gift Card”);

private static ComponentRenderer<Span, GiftCard> createGiftCardTextComponentRenderer() {
    return new ComponentRenderer<>(Span::new, statusComponentUpdater);

private static final SerializableBiConsumer<Span, GiftCard> statusComponentUpdater = (
        span, giftCard) -> {


It was never intended to use Components in addColumn. You can use addComponentColumn and your first code is working again.

Lovely. thanks!