grid not reflecting form values

Hello Vaadin Community,

Starting out a new vaadin project . Having some minor issue. It’s a very simple one just having some issues having the form values reflect in the grid. The save button has a click listener to allow for saving. However, when clicking save in the UI, nothing happens

Here’s the link to the code :

You have to read a Bean to write a Bean in my understanding

Trying that now

And you are ignoring the exception; so you even have no clue if it fails

Unfortunately adding this didn’t work

Well that doesn’t make sense

readBean can’t be called in the save callback - it has to be done while you instantiate the form/fields

Is there any example/reference I could follow

Still getting bean cannot be null error

It’s now printing the exception

Sounds like customerInfo is null :wink:

It’s not null though

I followed the exact same instruction here btw

And when forking that code, still gives same error when saving