GRID Multiselect duplicates rows when you change Height

I am using in Vaadin 8 a grid component which height was changing dinamic by code, each time (If I has marked some row in a Multiselect ) I change the height, the marked rows an others where apearing again down in the list and the mark starts to have a strange behaviour like not way to mark or unmark, the only way to recover the mark funtion is reloading the page in tha explorer. Doesn`t matter the way the height of the grid is changed: by code with setHeight, by moving the Split in a SplitPanel (being the grid Fulsize) any time you change the height and start to play with marking rows, this strange behaviour hapends , If you left the grid in a fxed Height then not duplicates rows appears and marking works fine. But you can not use dinamic adjustment of grid´s height.