Grid multi select

When updating frpm Vaadin 7.4.2 to 7.4.7 and later 7.4.8 my grid has lost the option of “select all”. Previously it was a checkbox in the column header row of the column with all the individual checkboxes (attached image). Now after the update, the column header checkbox has vanished and the “select all” functionality is hence gone. Anyone know how to solve this issue? I haven’t changed anything in the code of the grid between the vaadin versions. Is there a new behavior of the grid that I don’t know about or is this an issue that Vaadin is aware of?


In picture I see you have added header row there. There is known error in Grid. In certain conditions header makes select check box disappear.

I just checked, that without header row, the check box with version 7.4.8 is there.