Grid Layout - Spilling TextField into next column ?

TextFields are in the Grid Layout.

When the TextField content is too big, it creates a new line in the Grid Layout cell.

I’m hoping to have the extra TextField content ‘spill’ over and into the next column, which has nothing in it.

I thought of using -2- grids, with the first one for the large TextField, then another grid below it for the other stuff.

But the quesiton is: How can I get a TextField to ‘spill’ into the next column in a Grid Layout.

How have you managed a TextField to create a new line in GridLayout if its content is big? I don’t quite know what you mean, that doesn’t sound possible.

If you want a component to span multiple columns (or rows) in a GridLayout, simply use addComponent(component, startColumn, startRow, endColumn, endRow) to add the component.

Actually, the TextField was wrapping, I guess is the better way to put it.
Your suggestion worked … grid.addComponent(component,startColumn, startRow, endColumn, endRow);