Grid last column bad view

Hello Vaadin Team and Vaadin users.
Could anybody give me answer about attachment picture. How I can fix right side of the table?

This issue pops up into discussion every now and then. Since columns can be resized both by user and programmatically via API’s it can be so, that summed widths of the columns are less than the width of the Grid. What to do with the empty space. One proposal is to always expand the width of last column to fill the empty space. But then, its width would be wrong, which could be important in some applications. Same applies if we would contract Grid width to sum of column widths, it would probably break layouts of the apps. So at the moment it is upto application developer to decide what to do. You can count the widths of the columns easily and set e.g. last column to be wider programmatically. Or something else.

I have added both solutios to this add-on. When you extend Grid with it will autoadjust Grid width according to columns or adjust last column.