grid: large data set: load all rows in-browser

The demo at:

appears to load all data in the browser, i.e. Firefox does not send REST calls to the server when I scroll up-down.

I created my own grid (Vaadin 8.1) with 10,000 rows but the default behavior differs – it fetches from server, resulting in rows that momentarily appear empty.

How can I recreate the grid behavior from the demo?

Many Thanks

Look in the source code :>

Basically, the demo is cheating. It relies on the fact that the values are not real values and calculates them using client-side JavaScript.

If you want to cheat in a similar manner, you’d have to write your own connector, at least with a custom client-side DataSource that calls for all server data at once.

Hi Piotr. Thanks so much for your reply. Vaadin newbie here (and first forum post) – didn’t even notice that the source code behind the demo was right there :slight_smile:

OK then, the Grid’s standard loading behavior is more than enough for my current project.

Many Thanks! Till we meet again!