Grid inline editing and row based enabling

I have request to get grid inline editor to be allowed only for some rows and if other row is clicked notification must be shown.

if I override Grid.doEditItem()

@Override protected void doEditItem() { if((Boolean)this.getContainerDataSource().getItem(getEditedItemId()). getItemProperty("readOnlyFlag").getValue()){"ReadOnly row"+getEditedItemId().toString()); } super.doEditItem(); } I’m able to show notification but editor still is shown.
Is there API to make decision is it ok to open inline editor.
BTW i debug a little and if I change success flag in EditorServerRpc bind method from true to false I was able to receive Notification and editor is not opened.


public void bind(int rowIndex) {
boolean success = false;
try {
Object id = getContainerDataSource().getIdByIndex(rowIndex);
if (editedItemId == null) {
editedItemId = id;
if (editedItemId.equals(id)) {
success = true;
} catch (Exception e) {
[/code]So maybe it needs some API chage so that doEditItem() could send boolean false if we like to ignore editor opening.

Why not only call super.doEditItem when the item is not read only?

protected void doEditItem() {
   if((Boolean)this.getContainerDataSource().getItem(getEditedItemId()).getItemProperty("readOnlyFlag").getValue()){"ReadOnly row"+getEditedItemId().toString());
   } else {