Grid inline editing and CustomField


I try to setup Grid’s inline editing where one of the editors is extending CustomeField. Unfortunatelly this editor is not painted in the editor popup and some JS errors appears.

Please advice.

It happens to be a bug, that I’m working around now, but will be good to be fxed.

Workaround is in explicit marking dirty all field’s children. I believe this can be fixed into the Vaadin.

public class ExtendedComboBox extends CustomField<Object> {
  private HorizontalLayout fieldLayout;

  protected Component initContent() {
    fieldLayout = new HorizontalLayout();

    PersonComboBox personComboBox = new PersonComboBox();
    fieldLayout.setExpandRatio(personComboBox, 1.0f);

    Button addPersonButton = new Button("New");

    return fieldLayout;

   * Explicit mark field's layout and all its children as dirty,
   * because when this field is used as a {@link Grid} editor,
   * children connectors are not registered and included into the
   * connector's hierarchy
  public void markAsDirty() {
    if (null != fieldLayout) {

I posted it on Track, and now it is in reviewing: