Grid in Dialog problems


Im using Vaadin Flow v14.4.0. I have problem with my grid in Dialog. Is there any option to resize dialog to max grid width? I dont want to set maxWidthSize, grid width is undefined couse can have different sizes each time (i`m extending grid to be more universal for my cases). My grid in dialog is showing just with verticall scroll bar.

Second problem is that my grid uses auto-resize and it is working fine with dialog resizing until i change some column width manually then my grid is stopping resizing proportionally with dialog size, only last column is risizing. Is there any option to fix this behavior.


Could you record a video of the behavior, or take some screenshots where you point out the problematic behavior?

Dialog should be able to set its size based on the content. I think Grid is by default 100% wide, so you should at least set its width to undefined/auto.

By “auto-resize” do you mean that columns are using auto-size, or that columns are set to allow expanding (flex-grow)? Regardless of that, if a user resizes a column width, that width will become fixed, and can no longer flex (shrink or grow). Also, all columns before that column will also stop from flexing. There’s currently no API to change this behavior. Not sure if there are some hacks around it.

When i`m adding my grid to dialog it is showing like in my first image in attachments, and second is showing how i want want to show it by default without writing setWidth(x).