Grid header row overlaps first data row


I have a Grid with filter Components in the header row.
Sometimes, if the input in a filter Component is to long, the filter Component wraps in 2 lines.
This forces the header row to increase the height. This additional height hides the first data row. The data rows do not move down.
The first data row will be visible after a redraw/recalc of the Grid.
The same happens the other way round. If the header height shrinks, there is an empty first “row”.
I’m using Vaadin 14.2.0.beta1.

Is this an known bug?
Any idea for an work around? How can I force the Grid redraw from Java?

Thx in advance


Hi Alexander,

this should do the trick: grid.getElement().executeJs("this.notifyResize()");

This wouldn’t be needed if the component in the header (Multiselect Combo Box?) dispatched an “iron-resize” event whenever its height changes.

Hi Tomi,
many thanks, it works. :slight_smile: