Grid Header row disapear after removing item

Hi ,
i’am encountering the following issue:

i have a grid with beanitemcontainer as container datasource, after removing item everything goes fines.
now after adding a confirmation dialog ( modal window) this cause the header row to disapear after clicking confirmation (confirm item deletion)

Do you have some sample code to reproduce the problem? I tried reproducing it using the
ConfirmDialog add-on
and I had no problems.

Hello , thank you for your quick reply,
To reproduce the issue i start new project ( to be sure that is not related to my project or my custom css)
i download the vaadin exemple about grid from i downgrade to vaadin 7.4.5 and i modify the Order bean to add delete button column and i add the following code and the two attached simple class

grid.getColumn(“button”).setRenderer(new ButtonRenderer(new com.vaadin.ui.renderers.ClickableRenderer.RendererClickListener() {
public void click(RendererClickEvent event) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
final ConfirmationDialogPopupWindow confirmPopup = new ConfirmationDialogPopupWindow(
“Confirm title”, “Confirm deletion”);
confirmPopup.addListener(new ConfirmationEventListener() {
protected void rejected(ConfirmationEvent event) {

                protected void confirmed(ConfirmationEvent event) {

[/code]After selecting item and clicking the delete button the header row (or extraheader )start to disapear (-2px approximately) and if i scroll the headers appear again !

related to this issue i noticed something weird : the issue disappear if the horizontal scroll is visible ( not all column are visible = width not 100% or grid is not sizefull )
by setting :


the isse disappear
by setting


the issue comeback again (797 Bytes)
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