Grid has no custom context menu, solutions?

Any known work arounds, whilst still using Grid? (I’ve made a lot of effort to use new shiny Grid, and really don’t want to go back to Table just because Grid can’t handle Actions or right mouse button)

Any way of making a component appear over a cell, i.e. like a modal window, but without the decoration and modal flash, just want some components to appear, in order to act like a menu, whether its a panel with some buttons or a Vertical MenuBar, or something else. And if I click outside the “popup”, then it dissapears.

Rather like PopupView, but I have no idea if I were to use that, how to get it to work with Grid.


Take a look at the (temporary) solution made as an add-on:
. From that package, if you use
, you’ll get a server event when user right clicks the grid. This means that you can hook a second add-on to it, the
, which is anyhow a nicer context menu than what Table supports natively.

I tried to implement this myself a few months ago but I was only able to attach the context menu to left click, not right click. Might be that they changed something in Grid to be able to hook events up to right click, or then Teemu was just better capable than me in altering Grid behaviour. He is one of the developers who implemented the compnent anyhow. :slight_smile: However, if you’d like to try a demo to see how the ContextMenu feels (with left-click ) check my
and for code on how to use
, check the sources.

Oh what do you know, the ticket you linked was created by me as well. I just checked it after posting. :stuck_out_tongue: