Grid for large dataset; possible to use standalone ?


Regarding the Vaadin Grid that was showcased at GWT.create 2015, I have a couple of questions :

  • Is it possible to use this component in a GWT application WITHOUT also using the rest of Vaadin framework ?
  • What is the browser compatibility for it ? Does it fully support IE8 and later ?
  • Is this component packaged in a separate widget jar, or do I need a standard Vaadin jar in order to use it ?

Thanks & kind regards,
Andrei is an simple example project where Grid is used in a pure GWT project. It does not use the full framework but the vaadin-widgets.jar available starting from 7.4.0.beta2.

Grid supports all the browsers Vaadin 7 supports, i.e. IE8 and newer

Thank you. That’s exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: