Grid equivalent to Table.addValueChangeListener

My production program uses table.AddValueChangeListener.
This allows a user to scroll records in the table with the Keyboard, and fire an event getting the record they landed on with the keyboard arrow keys.

I cannot find an equivalent in the grid.

I need the user to keyboard navigate and I need to know the record they landed on. How can I do this with the Grid?


I haven’t personally tried it, but it sounds like the
Grid Fast Navigation add-on
might be something to consider.


Thx. I took a look at it.
But I need Actions also - Right-Mouse-Click.
So I think I’m staying with the table.
Will re-evaluate the grid again some other time.


Just so you know, the ContextMenu add-on was integrated into the Vaadin Framework in version 7.6. Take a look at the [url=]