Grid editor readonly not focusable


I am using a Grid (Vaadin 7 at the moment) with several columns, one of them are readonly depending of certain business logic. What I am trying to do is to constrain the focus cycle only to the editable columns.

The screenshot shows an example of this. In this case, the column 4 (first is 1) is editable only if the value in column 5 is zero. I also know that ENTER key could move focus through this column but some times I want to move focus through more columns (only the editable ones).

The problem is that the focus cycle visits all the columns even if they are readonly. Vaadin book suggests that we extend DefaultEditorEventHandler to change behaviour, but I need something on the server side.

Thank you in advance.


I see you are using unbuffered mode. There is an add-on that has been developed for this kind of use case, check it and tell me if it fits to your case:

Thank you very much.

I’ll try it at once.

Unfortunatelly, it didn’t work as we wanted. We did some tests but we didn’t succeed to get it working. When we have more time we will try to do further tests.

Thank you.