Grid editing (7.4 beta 3)


Recently I checked new Grid component in 7.4 beta 3 and specifically start testing its editing functionality.
So far I managed to setup some test case but there are several annoying issues and misbehaviour I would like to work around:

1/ Case 1 - user double clicks on a cell in the editable grid, row’s editors are opened, but focus gets lost. In my case I have a multi select grid, where first column is selection check box. I would like if user double clicks on second or third or whatever cell in a grid’s row after row editors gets opened, keyboard focus should be set into the cell where user clicked.

2/ Case 2 - popup buttons “Save” and “Cancel”. I don’t think, that these popup buttons are user friendly and nice looking. I would like to be able to specify different behaviour, simple for user - no buttons at all. It will be best if you plan to implement cell-by-cell editing - only one editor opened at a time. In this case it will be easy and user friendly - once user press ENTER into the editor - do submit, if user press ESC or mouse out - rollback changes.

Please comment on my current issues. Do you have some solutions or workaround in the pipeline of the upcomming releases. If yes when I can expected them. In other case I’ll need to hack Grid and apply some custom patches.

Thank you,