Grid, deselect item after changeing it displays old state

Hello guys,
I have a problem with my Grid. I can select multiple items and have a dialog where I can change all of them at the same time. I display item details, too. When I now select three for example, change values I display in my grid, everything is fine. I call refreshAll() from the dataprovider and everything looks fine. But when I now select another item, the first selected one, with the displayed item details, will change back to the old version before I made the changes.

Vaadin 24.3.3 | setDetailsVisibleOnClick(true);

It’s just the displaying. When I refresh the Tab all items have the correct state and when I select the items via Checkbox everything is working fine.
So it looks like a compination of Change Items in Multiselect with Item Details.

Have everyone a workaround or is that a Bug?

Do you have equals and hashCode correctly implemented on the class?

Looks like that was the reason, thanks :+1: Now I use @EqualsAndHashCode from Lombok to implement the methods, now its working.

You should use the primary key

Equals must not change