Grid Context Menu on Cell

Currently right click on a grid cell, cell stay not selected.
I think this will be a great improvement if cell can be selected.

Has I can’t add ticket a post this message.


Hello Lino,

In a Vaadin Grid what can be
is a row, not a cell.

However a cell can have

Both of these concepts have a visual indicator. Don’t mix up the two concepts.
From what you write I believe you mean the FOCUS indicator, not the SELECTION indicator.

There’s a ticket on the issue
. The ticket is on the ContextMenu add-on but as
pointed out
by Sami Ekblad the problem is probably in the Core, not in the add-on. In short what is being discussed is if cell focus should be changed on any form of mouse click on a Grid. Currently focus is only changed on left-button mouse click, not on right-button mouse-click. In particular in connection with things like the row context menus this becomes very confusing so I’m all for if this would change either by allowing focus to change on right-button click as well or allowing cell focus feature to be turned off. If you want to turn off the cell focus feature you can do it yourself with
a bit of CSS hack


Hello Peter

The idea is if a grid is a list of Operations and one of the columns is a object like Customer, the idea is when user click on the context is to filter the context for this particular column in this case “Customer Context Menu” and show the menu.

Cell should be focused, but in the same time is “Selected” too

Thank you.