Grid - ComboBox editorfield partly hidden in rightmost column


On Vaadin version 7.4.2 I am trying to use the inline row editing mode with a ComboBox for a rightmost field i a Grid component.

My source looks partly like this:

container = new BeanItemContainer<>(Device.class);
sysTypeContainer = new BeanItemContainer<>(Systemtype.class);

Grid grid = new Grid(container);

ComboBox stCombo = new ComboBox(“”, sysTypeContainer);

Column stCol = grid.getColumn(“systemtype”);


[/code]The editing functionality works fine, but the ComboBox field selection button that expands the dropdown is partly hidden. See the attachment.

Is there any way where I can get the visibility of the ComboBox to work 100% such that changing to the edit-mode will actually show all of the edit field?

Best regards
Lars Milland

Hi Lars,

That looks like a miscalculation in the size of the editor. The editor should take all available space but does not. Combobox however is set to be the correct size for a full sized editor. Difference is roughly the size of the scrollbar. Seems that with enough data to cause a vertical scrollbar, this is no longer an issue. I will file a bug report for this and we’ll take a look at it when we can.



The ticket can be seen at . It was just the case of scrollbars taken into account even if there were no scrollbars visible. Patch was merged into master branch and should be available in the next maintenance release in a couple of weeks.